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The Track Saver is a very powerful tool that allows individual tracks to be saved in separate MIDI files.

If a MIDI file has been opened that contain more than one track the Track Saver tool is available from MidiYodi’s File menu . When opened, it will list all tracks from the loaded MIDI file and mark the ones containing notes (music).

The Track Saver provides a selection of track attributes and will from these create one file for each checked track containing the MIDI events related to the track plus Meta Message events from track 1 related to markers, key, tempo etc.

Folder Selection area

From this area an output folder for the created MIDI files should be selected.

The folder selection areas layout and selection mechanism are operating system specific and thus looks different on Windows, Mac and Unix.

Filename Pattern area

Having chosen a folder the user may select what attributes should make up the filename of each created track MIDI file. To gurantee uniquness Track Number is always checked. In addition to that the following options may be checked:

  • MIDI file type – Defines what MIDI file type each saved track should be coded as.
  • Source Filename – includes the name of the original MIDI file.
  • Track Name – includes the tracks name.
  • MIDI file type – includes the choosen output MIDI file type.

Track List area

The Track list area provides a list of the available tracks hosting the following columns:

  • Save – Check box that determines if this track should be saved as a separate MIDI file or excluded.
  • # – Track sequence number.
  • Track Name – Name of the track as displayed (and editable) in the Main Window.
  • Instrument – Name of first (and hopefully only) instrument playing on the track.
  • Track Filename – Full path filename to the exported MIDI file containing the track.

Action buttons

  • Save – Saves each checked track in a separate file named as in the Track Filename column.
  • Cancel – Closes the window.