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The Event Editor allows editing existing or adding new MIDI events.

The Event Editor is opened either from the Main Window to add events to a selected track or from the Event Examiner where events can be added or updated. The editor is divided in two areas:

  • The Position area determines where in the song a MIDI event is entered.
  • The Event Details area defines the target event type and its data.


MidiYodi allows an events position to be set in one of three ways.

  • Measure/Beat – Positions the event on a specific beat in the song.
  • Tick – Positions the event at the defined tick mark (which is the MIDI standard)
  • End – Positions the event at the end of the song.

In either case, the given position is converted by MidiYodi to a tick number.

Event Details

The Event Detail contents varies depending on what category of event that should be edited (Meta, Voice or System) and what type within each category.

Event editing require some basic understanding and knowledge of MIDI events and the MidiYodi documentation will not go into details about all event types.

However, many event types are fairly self explained and some that could be useful are:

MetaKey signatureCould be of interest to see and navigate to in the Main window. Has no effect on the MIDI file content itself. Changing a key signature will not change the pitch of any notes. It’s purely a “key signature” hint to the reader.
MetaMarkerA free text field describing. e.g. a rehersal mark or a song start in a medley etc.
MetaTempoThe original tempo is preferably set via the Tempo spinner in the Main window. However, if subsequent tempos should be set, this is the place.
MetaTime signatureOften not set in MIDI files but could be of interest to see and navigate to in the Main window. (Note, this event never changes the true playback key. It’s pure informational.)
MetaTrack nameCould be set here but preferably use the convenient method in the Main window by double-clicking a tracks name.
VoiceControl ChangeVolume (coarse) – Changes the volume of the selected channel at a given tick.
VoiceControl ChangePan (coarse) – Places the sound from the selected channel left or right (center=64).
VoiceControl ChangeProgram Change – Changes the instrument of the selected channel at a given tick. Preferably use the combo box in the Track Control Panel in the Main Window instead if only one instrument should play on the track.