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CANATO open service center

CANATO introduces a new Service Center mainly to be used for MidiYodi support. Feel free to drop by rasing a request for new features, filing a bug or just asking some technical or practical question.

CANATO introduce new site

Time for some change… well, in fact one thing led to another… backwards 😉

Released a new version of MidiYodi in the beginning of this year which led to adding some requested features but also to get some new.

So… I saw a need for a nicer support system hosting your requests. Had a glance on Atlassians JIRA Service Manager where I think we will land soon.

But… implementing such system linking it from MidiYodi’s slightly outdated site led to designing a brand new site as well.

And… while doing so, why not bring the online version of MidiYodi’s User Guide to that site as well and…. here we are.

And… since CANATO’s consulting engagements are very spare nowdays MidiYodi got most of the focus here.

See you around.