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The Event Examiner lists all MIDI messages for a selected track. In addition it offers powerful event editing where any event may be modified or deleted and new events may be added.

Event Table

Messages are colored according to the current scheme:

  • Meta messages – Green
  • Program change messages – Blue
  • Note on messages – Red
  • Note off messages – Pink
  • Other voice messages – Purple
  • System exclusive messages – Orange


TickThe MIDI tick number that determines when the MIDI message is dispatched.
M:B:TThe measure number, closest beat and the tick within that beat where the MIDI message occur.
TimeThe elapsed time of the song where the MIDI message occur.
ChannelChannel that the MIDI message belong to.
CategoryThe message category which include:
Meta – Meta messages.
Voice – Channel messages like note on, program change etc.
System Exclusive – Non standard MIDI messages used for vendor specific information.
TypeType om MIDI message as defined by the MIDI standard.
DataThe message data which varies depending on the message type. For Note on/off messages this will include the note pitch and velocity. For meta messages this could contain the track name, tempo signature etc.

Editing Controls

Add eventOpens the Event Editor where a new MIDI event can be added.
Edit eventOpens the Event Editor displaying the content of the selected event. Changing the event data will effectively change the selected event.
Delete event(s)Removes all selected events. (Multiple rows may be selected using CTRL or the SHIFT key when clicking rows.)
Go toMoves playback to the selected MIDI event
Auto-scrollIf enabled (no cross) the event view scrolls with playback always showing the last “passed” event from the track at the bottom of the list.
UpdateUpdates the loaded song with changed MIDI data and closes the window. Thus, all changes does not take effect until Update is pressed.
CloseCloses the Event Examiner window without updating the song with possible data changes.