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The Bulk Editor is a powerful tool to edit similar MIDI data in a set of MIDI files.

The Bulk Editor uses the MIDI File Explorer to make an initial selection of the files targeted for editing. Once displayed in the File Explorer list click Bulk Edit and the Bulk Editor dialog appear.

License constraints: In the trial version MidiYodi does not allow bulk editing.

Song Selection

The Song Selection tab allows selection of what files should be part of the bulk edit. 

Source Files

List files that are to be used as input for the bulk editing. The file list is populated based on the navigation in the File Explorer view from which the Bulk Editor is launched.

Edit?Determines if the file should be part of the editing operation or not. (For convenience the Select All checkbox above selects or deselects all files.) 
FilenameName of the file.

Target Folder

Files displayed and selected in the Bulk Editor may reside in different folders. On Do Bulk Edit, MidiYodi will create a subfolder in each folder where edited copies of the selected files will be created. MidiYodi creates and names this folder bulkedit in the same folder as where the source file resides.

If the folder does not exist it is created.
If files with the same name already exist in the bulkedit folder they will be overwritten.

Edit Options

The Edit Options tab is used to configure what MIDI values that should be added or updated in each target file. Each option may be set separately but at least one has to be set.

Set TempoSets the tempo in all files to the value specified in BPM. (Valid range 10 – 500 BPM). If any of the files contain multiple tempo events all these will be erased so the entire file will have the new tempo.
Set time signatureSets the time signature to the value specified as nominator/denominator. (e.g. 6/8)
If any of the files contain multiple time signature events all these will be erased so the entire file will have the new time signature.
Channel ConfigurationAllows an Instrument to be assigned to each channel. This is handy if multiple MIDI files with the same channel layout (like i.e. choir arrangements, SATB) lacks or has the wrong instrument assigned.The 16 channels are predefined where each (except #10 that are dedicated for Drums) can have an Instrument set.
If the target MIDI files contains event on the target channel a Program Change event will be added with the new instrument.


Do Bulk Edit – Executes the editing for all selected files.
(Note that original files are never updated. See info on Taget Folder above.)

Cancel – Closes the dialog.