MidiYodi 2021.1 ( Halsteren, Jan 2021)

MidiYodi 2020.2 (Gaanderen, June 2020)

MidiYodi 2020.1 (Farmingdale, March 2020)

MidiYodi 2019.2 (Ealing, October 2019)

  • Added column sorting to File Explorer
  • Reintroduced User Guide in PDF-format.

MidiYodi 2019.1 (Daejeon, March 2019)

MidiYodi 2018.1 (Cagliari, January 2018)

  • Added French translation (Thank’s to Christian Carré in Toulon)
  • Reintroduced Norweigan language.
  • Note: Language selection is made in the Preferences dialog. (MidiYodi has to be restarted afterwards)

MidiYodi 2017.2 (Balzan, April 2017)

  • Bug fixed that on screen setup changes possibly could make MidiYodi windows appear ouside screen(s).
  • Property file name changed – now reads midiyodi.xml instead of midiyodi30.xml.
  • Password algorithm changed. New license key will be needed in order to run this version.
    (Registered license holders can send a mail to midiyodi@canato.se to obtain a new license key for free.)

MidiYodi 2017.1 (Aberdeen, Jan 2017)

  • In addition to showing measure and beat the Beat column in the Event Examiner now also displays the tick within the beat
  • Zooming level extended in Main WindowKeyboard Examiner and Score Examiner.
  • Bug fixed that a “maximized” windows size was not saved and properly restored between MidiYodi invocations.
  • Bug fixed that if a note duration is only a few ticks (like for some drum parts) the note was not drawn.

MidiYodi 3.3 (Nov 2016)

Major track editing enhancement has been added in the Main Window including possibility to:

  • Add Track (CTRL/CMD+A) – Will add a new, empty track below the selected track (or at the end if no track is selected)
  • Duplicate Track (CTRL/CMD+D) – Will make a copy of the currently selected track below it
  • Move Track up (CTRL/CMD+UP) and down (CTRL/CMD+DOWN)

Minor changes to keyboard shortcuts:

  • Key (UP) and (DOWN) selects previous and next track
  • Key (+) and (-) increases and decreases measure with in Main Window, Keyboard- and Score examiner
  • In addtion to the DELETE key the BACKSPACE key now alse deletes selected tracks or notes.

MidiYodi 3.2 (Aug 2016)

  • Keyboard Examiner now includes note editing capabilities. Notes can be added, deleted, moved and copied. Notes can also have their duration, pitch and velocity changed.
  • Event Examiner now has an auto-scroll option wich allows it to automatically scroll to where playback is located.
  • When a selected event is deleted in the Event Examiner the next event will now be selected.
  • Channel number is now displayed within parantheses for each track next to the track name. If more than one channel is represented on the track then an asterisk (*) is shown instead.
  • Program numbers are now displayed as 1-128 instead of 0-127.
  • MidiYodi now checks if there are any unsaved changes when closing MidiYodi.
  • Window size are now saved between MidiYodi invocations for Event Examiner, Keyboard Examiner, Score Examiner & File selection dialog.
  • MidiYodi User Guide has moved to Confluence (here!).
  • MIDI files without Time Signature events did not show measure info.
  • CC-numbers not defined by the MIDI standard may now be set.
  • A selected section does no longer include first tick in beat after selection.
  • MIDI files with PPQ higher than 999 is now possible to save.

MidiYodi 3.1 (Dec 2015)

  • Look & Feel can now be changed for the application.
  • Karaoke lyrics can now be displayed in a separate window.
  • PPQN (pulse per quater note) set in a MIDI file may now be changed.
  • A single track can now easily be saved in it’s own file
  • Open MIDI file dialog restored. Now complements the MIDI File Examiner.
  • Playback controls moved to top menu bar. Editing controls to bottom.

MidiYodi 3.0 (Aug 2014)

  • Jukebox (playlist) introduced to manage sets of MIDI files to be played in sequence or loop.
  • Feature to save selected tracks in separate MIDI files.
  • Option to convert from filetype 1 to 0 or vice versa.
  • Measure width adjustment control added to Main window.
  • Karaoke lyrics and Text meta information lanes added to the Main window.
  • Meta information lanes added to the Score/Keyboard Examiners.
  • Shown meta information lanes customizable in the Preferences window.
  • Controller names prefixed with their corresponding controller number.
  • Auto explore option added to MIDI File Explorer.
  • Drag-n-drop added to Main window and Jukebox.
  • Online help added
  • Keyboard shortcuts added to all windows.
  • Tempo change dialog moved to menubar
  • Transposition GUI changed in menubar
  • Size and positions of Main window, MIDI File Explorer and Jukebox window are saved.
  • Tracks are named after their first played instrument when “Trackified” (3.0.2)

MidiYodi 2.6 (Jan 2014)

  • Selected sections of a song can now loop playback.
  • A default MIDI-file to load can now be set in the Preference window.
  • A single track can now be transposed one 8va up or down.
  • Norwegians can now enjoy MidiYodi in their native language.
  • Songs can now have loop playback without any selection. (2.6.1)