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The MIDI File Explorer is a very usefult tool to rapidly explore the type and content of multiple MIDI files.

Folder Selection Area

The top area is a file browser where navigation and layout is operating system dependent. (The picture displays the Mac version.)

Look inThe currently opened folder (operating system dependent). If the folder contains any MIDI files, they will automatically show in the Explorer area below if they match the filter. If the folder contains other folders these will be available for selection below. Finally, by clicking this option all parent folders are displayed for selection as well.
Deep ScanScans the currently opened folder and all subsequent folders below for MIDI files. All files found, matching the filter, will be displayed in the Explorer area below
Files of typeType of files displayed above. (This option is part of the file selection component but pays no value in the File Explorer since it always displays folders above. Operating system dependent)
Matched filesDisplays the number of files currently listed below.

Filter Area

The Filter area allows adding values to additionally filter the displayed MIDI files. The following options are available.

MIDI filetypeFilters files based on their MIDI filetype (0 or 1).
Valid options: 0, 1
FilenameFilters files containing the given character(s) in their names
Key signatureFilters files having the set key signature as its first key signature.
Option examples: D, Eb, C# etc.
Time signatureFilters files having the set time signature as its first time signature.
Option examples: 3/4, 6/8 etc.
TempoFilters files having the set tempo as its first tempo signature.
Option examples: 120, 56 etc.
Apply FilterApplies the current filter values to the list currently displayed in the Explorer area.
Reset FilterClears the filter values and any filter(s) applied to the list of files displayed in the Explorer area.

Explorer Area

The explorer area is a very powerful tool where MIDI information is extracted and displayed from multiple files in a folder, sub-folders or a “drop” and thus quickly could be examined for content. (Files displayed in gray are invalid MIDI files.)

  • Clicking on a column header will sort the list ascending on that column. Clicking again will reverse the sort order.
  • Double-clicking a row will load the MIDI file into the Main window without closing the MIDI File Explorer window.
  • Resting the mouse over a row will display the files full pathname and the instruments and their channels that is utilized within the song.


  • MIDI files may be selected and dragged from an external file browser and be dropped into the Explorer Area and be loaded and displayed based on the filter settings. 
  • Selecting then dragging a row will copy the MIDI file into the drag-n-drop buffer to be dropped (and hopefully opened) in any application supporting the drop of MIDI files. 

License constraints: In the trial version MIDI information for only the first three selected file will be displayed. Other files will display “trial” in each column.

For each file the following information will be displayed:

FilenameName of the file. If this is an invalid MIDI file it will use a crossed document symbol.
FolderDisplays the name of the folder in which the file resides.
TypeMIDI file type. Could be 0, 1 or 2. Note, MidiYodi only support type 0 and 1.
KeyInitial key signature if present in the MIDI file.
TimeInitial time signature if present in the MIDI file.
TempoInitial tempo if present in the MIDI file.
DurationThe duration of the song in minutes and seconds.
MeasuresThe number of measures in the MIDI file.
TracksThe number of tracks in the MIDI file.
InstrumentsThe number of instruments available in the MIDI file.
LyricsDisplays a microphone if the MIDI file contain lyrics and, if so, the number of tracks containing lyrics.

Bottom Area

Bulk EditOpens the Bulk Editor dialog containing the files currently on display in the Explorer area above.
CloseCloses the MIDI File Explorer window.