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The Score Examiner is used for closer examination of note pitches and their duration where each note is drawn in a score like view.

Examination Area

The black lines together with a tremble and bass clef represents a classical piano score where the note C-5 is the C between the two systems. The gray grid lines are supporting lines.

Sharp or flat notes are always presented as sharps, colored in a brighter color.

For high or low notated music, where most of the notes fall above or below the piano system, the 8va counter can be used to adjust the notes visually to fall inside the system. This might make them easier to read. This will not change the playback pitch, only the visualization.

The view contains a horizontal scrollbar to scroll the view port within the song and a vertical scrollbar to scroll within the octaves. Note that if the song is being played and Auto scroll is enabled in the Main Window then using the horizontal scrollbar will result in that the view port is auto readjusted if playback moves outside the view.

The view also contains a horizontal slider that adjusts the visible measure width, keyboard shortcut (+) or (-), and a vertical slider that adjusts the “note” height.

Playback Controls

Playback can be started and stopped from the examiner windows as well using the playback controls at the top or the Escape-key

The examined track may also be solo’ed or muted using the S and M buttons or the (S) and (M) keys.

Measure Bar and Meta Message Lanes

The measure bar displays the duration and on what tick mark within the song the playback is currently located followed by the rolled out songs measure numbers and beat marks. Clicking the left mouse button anywhere within the measure area will move playback to that location. A black line indicates where playback is currently located.

Meta message lanes, as described in the Main window, may also be displayed in the Keyboard Examiner. What lanes to display is configured in the Preferences dialog.